KYC Verification

To get your account verified please prepare your identity documents

Identity Proof - any of the following:
1. Passport
2. National ID
3. Driving License
4. Letter from a recognized public authority
5. Employee ID card of a listed company
6. Voters ID card

Address Proof - any of the following:
1. Passport
2. Voters ID card
3. Electricity Bill, Telephone bill including mobile, landline, wireless, etc type of connections, not more than 6 months old
4. Bank Account Statement
5. Credit Card Statement
6. Lease agreement along with last 3 months rent receipt

Please make sure that your document is valid. To get the detailed information on how to pass KYC Please read the complete guide.

Note: Do not try to use fake documents. It will lead to the final blocking of the account.

Please, follow the steps after agreeing to our conditions.

Terms and Conditions.

Consent to Personal Data Processing.